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Clean, clean Iam finally 18.

2008-11-16 14:10:00 by Mr-Roc-a-fella

Born in Jacksonville Florida on November 16, 1990 a boy by the name of Danny Torrence was born 18 years later he looks back and regrets nothing and is okay with it. Being nice to every person he comes in contact with. What does he get for his birthday? A fucking Jap comp virus!!!!!!! >:(

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2008-11-16 14:23:28

What, you don't like my birthday present? :(

Mr-Roc-a-fella responds:

No! I don't like that present at all I'd rather get the "You an idiot" virus as a gift!!!


2008-11-17 16:47:23

so is that a real virus,or you just fuckin with me? and happy 1 day late birthday.

(Updated ) Mr-Roc-a-fella responds:

Real fucking virus! I shit you not, It's called the "Miku Virus" fucked up ain't it? I am using my friends until I find someone to fix the piece of shite


2008-11-20 22:32:07

how did you catch it...let me geuss all that japanese pron (joking) but seriously what the hell did you do to get that and is that what happens everytime you turn on your computer?


2008-12-06 09:16:14

i hate viruses


2009-01-26 20:12:36

LOL! That was funny!I like it!


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